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Month of April 2009

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IPCOM000182436D 2009-Apr-30
Disclosed is a method to transmit only data that has significant visual information for realtime distributed collaborative graphical applications.
IPCOM000182435D 2009-Apr-30
Described is a system and method to send instant messenger alerts whenever a CVS change has occurred that has met the user's alert preferences
IPCOM000182434D 2009-Apr-30
Disclosed is a system which provides the convenience of a Next/Previous button for email context to allow users to easily locate those email messages having a specific relationship with the current email message being viewed,
IPCOM000182433D 2009-Apr-30
Disclosed is a method which provides that mail content (for intended recipients) does not become available until a certain time is reached, where that time is specified by the sender.
IPCOM000182432D 2009-Apr-30
Disclosed is a method and technique for an extendable eclipse service which roams eclipse workspace data
IPCOM000182431D 2009-Apr-30
Disclosed is a method to provide a common interface for instant messaging.
IPCOM000182430D 2009-Apr-30
This article shows the composition changes in a granulate undergoing tableting for different compositions. By all the investigated changes it is possible to obtain the same in vitro performance by dissolution test, without using the same quali-quantitative composition of originary formula.
IPCOM000182429D 2009-Apr-30
When creating a Java* Message Service (JMS) messaging transport that interacts with Data Distribution Service (DDS) applications one is forced into the issue that DDS applications have a greater range of types then JMS. DDS uses RTPS as the underlying wire protocol. Real Time Publish Subscribe (RTPS) allows any...
IPCOM000182428D 2009-Apr-30
We disclose the concept of a "hybrid message" which is a message containing both a reactive message and a conventional message. A hybrid message initially acts like a reactive message, but can be converted into a conventional message in certain situations.
IPCOM000182427D 2009-Apr-30
A system, method, and computer program product are provided for applying an offer scheme to usage data using a user interface. In operation, usage data associated with a user is received from a server. Additionally, one or more offer schemes are displayed to the user using a user interface. Furthermore, the user is...
Showing 31 - 40 of 721 results
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